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Sarah Kramer is a professional actor, youth theatre director, teacher, and acting coach.  She is passionate about sharing the benefits of acting with performers of all levels, to help them grow in skill and confidence.  Sarah's introduction to acting changed her life, and she's so excited to provide that opportunity to others!

About Sarah

Sarah began acting in high school, and her life was transformed.  She started as a quiet, reserved kid and grew into a confident performer - acting in comedies & dramas, singing, and even dancing in front of huge audiences.  Sarah was bit by the acting bug, and she went on to immerse herself in theatrical productions in college and earn dual degrees in Theatre/Communications (emphasis on Acting/Directing) and Elementary Education.  She also sang in concert choirs and took private singing lessons.


When Sarah began teaching, she also became the Director of the Theatre Programs at the schools where she taught.  This enabled her to combine her passion for theatre and teaching, and to provide the life-changing opportunity she received to her own students.  


In 2010, Sarah began her voice over and on-camera career, using her training in theatre and applying new skills and techniques to book gigs in independent and short films, television shows, commercials, video games, audiobooks, eLearning, and other genres.  


In order to have a full-time acting career, Sarah could no longer teach in the classroom, but she continues to direct her school's theatre program, as well as co-own and direct the "Napa Youth Theatre" company with her amazing music director and choreographer partners.


Sarah is constantly training in acting, improv, and singing, and she is blessed to work with phenomenal coaches and mentors.  Sarah is honored to give back and pay it forward to her own students so they can change their own lives, too.

Who can coach with Sarah?

Sarah has been hired to coach actors in elementary school, junior high, high school, and college in order to:


*develop & strengthen their acting skills

*prepare auditions/roles for musicals/plays/TV shows

*prepare for acting/forensics competitions

*apply for admission to acting/performing arts schools

*prepare for a career in broadcast journalism


She has also coached adults who want to strengthen their public speaking and memorization skills.  


If you want to grow in your skill and confidence as a performer or public speaker, Sarah would love to guide you on your journey!

Customized, One-On-One Sessions

Because the sessions are private, Sarah will work with you to customize a plan that will build on your past experience and align with your individual goals.  


As you progress, there's an option of attending small-group sessions so you can collaborate with fellow performers.

Program Overview


  • Character Development
  • Script Analysis
  • Technique: Articulation & Projection
  • Monologues & Scene Work
  • Memorization Tricks
  • Stage Presence


  • Physicality
  • Accents/Dialects
  • Character Voices
  • Singing in Character
  • Stage vs. Screen Techniques


  • Learn what Casting Directors expect
  • Showcase your talent
  • Audition with confidence
  • Bring in real-world auditions


  • Essential for all forms of performing, and for life!
  • Gain confidence as we play in a safe space


  • Create or expand your résumé so it's up-to-date for your next audition opportunity
  • Learn what's expected of a professional headshot
  • Compile acting samples for your demo reel


Once you develop advanced acting skills, dive into the creative & fun genre of voice acting!

  • Animation/Video Games
  • Commercials
  • Narration


"Sarah Kramer is one of the premier acting coaches and directors in the Bay Area. I have had the privilege of working with Sarah in multiple capacities over the years, as both a student and as her assistant, and I always walk away having learned something. From the literal basics of theatre to diving deep into advanced and technical character roles (such as Rooster Hannigan in the Musical Annie and Inspector Javert in the Musical Les Miserables) to even helping me prepare for a potential broadcasting career, Sarah has a wide range of expertise and experience to draw from, and has helped me become a better and more well rounded performer."  ~Clayton D'Angelo, Actor & Singer

"I have profound gratitude and admiration for Sarah Kramer due to the incredible journey my brother and I experienced under her guidance. She is a wonderful director to work with, and under her teaching, I have excelled in the roles I have performed. I was cast as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors during my senior year of high school. Outside of school-sanctioned rehearsals, Ms. Kramer coached me to be the absolute best Audrey. Sarah has a genuine passion for her students' success and her craft. My favorite quality of Sarah is her ability to create an environment that feels safe, supportive, and nurturing. Because of this safe space, I could explore my characters, helping me break through self-imposed limitations and discover new layers of my capabilities as an actress. She helped cultivate my confidence and taught me many techniques to use on stage. Sarah Kramer is an extraordinary mentor, and because of her, I have found my artistic voice and the tools to thrive at any character I embrace!"

~Juliette Moschetti, Actor & Singer

"I have known Sarah Kramer for a very long time.  I went to elementary and middle school at the school where she collaborated to help produce yearly musicals.  This gave me an amazing opportunity to work one on one with her to develop accents and acting skills.  As I applied to colleges this year for drama/acting, she was a huge part in helping me prepare my audition monologues: meeting with me each week and teaching me how to dissect a monologue and make it something more than a paragraph of words. Her instruction made a huge difference in my confidence as well as the quality of my auditions and I would not have known where to start without her." 

~Lisette Marseilles, Actor & Singer

"Sarah is a diamond of a resource - extremely talented, professional, kind and truly lovely to work with!  She is a pro who has the experience and the love of performing and the arts to inspire and empower others. Sarah possesses insider knowledge of the audition process and knows how to connect with kids to make it fun and approachable for all ages and abilities.  My daughter has shown great progress and increased confidence from working with Sarah in one-on-one sessions to prepare for auditions, along with participating in musical performances she has directed.  Her combination of insightful suggestions and enthusiastic support is a gift. She is a valuable consultant who is dedicated to seeing her students shine!" ~Samantha Bowman, Parent

"Sarah has helped me prepare for auditions and she has taught me how important it is to understand the story and get into character. She is very nice and really fun and always encourages me to do my best, she is such an awesome coach!"

~Julia, Young Performer, Age 11

Rates & Packages

Private Coaching Rate: $60/hour



Three (3) one-hour sessions = $165

Six (6) one-hour sessions = $330

Ten (10) one-hour sessions = $500


*Typical sessions are one hour in length, but you can discuss booking a longer session with Sarah.

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Please Note:  Working with Sarah Kramer will not guarantee your child any particular type of role in any future production she may cast, nor will it guarantee booking any role one might audition for with any other company or project, as casting decisions are based on many variables.  Sarah does believe that the more experience and training one has, the more confidence one develops, and confidence is a huge element to any undertaking. Learning additional skills doesn’t hurt, either. 😉

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