As the COVID-19 shelter-at-home orders continue (what has it been, at least 3 or 4 weeks for many, and for some, even more?), we are all struggling to find how to continue our daily lives as much as possible under these new constraints.  For many, major life milestones have been put on hold.  Thankfully, with the benefits of technology, we can keep moving forward, to some extent, with our plans and goals.


The particular area I’d like to focus on today is real estate, and one of those major milestones that have been put on hold is the buying, selling, or renting of a home.  I know a few people who are anxious to purchase a home and some others that need to relocate for work.  I also know a number of realtors and real estate agents.  If you check out their websites, you will often find photographs of the homes for sale or rent, and somewhere on the page there will be a brief description of the home and specifications.  Some will even have a virtual tour; you can move around the whole building and see every angle and vantage point as you click around the screen.  Pretty cool!


The photographs, brief description, and the virtual tour are helpful to those who want to check out the details of the house before going to the actual location.  In fact, this has been the norm for many years now (though it’s certainly a necessity in our current pandemic situation).  However, I’ve always felt that something was missing from the experience. Nothing can replace interested buyers or renters walking through the home with a real estate agent, asking questions and getting answers in real time.  If you can’t physically visit the property, I believe the next best thing is a narrated listing video that can describe, in an engaging fashion, the details of the home and provide answers to anticipated questions.  (Let’s face it, even if all the information is written somewhere on the site, many people don’t read anymore, so this is a way to meet that challenge.)  A narrated video can give a personal touch to the listing and make prospective buyers or renters feel more welcome.  Also, since there are very few narrated listing videos out there, those that have them really stand out.


If you want to sell or rent your home, or you’re a realtor or real estate agent with many homes to manage, I want to help you present your home in the best possible way.  I want to help you so that others choose your home as the solution to their housing needs.  I want to help you receive the best possible price and to complete the entire process as quickly as possible.


By the way, narrated listing videos are not limited to residential real estate.  If you have commercial property that you want to present, we can create narrated videos for that, too.


If you need assistance creating the listing videos, I can provide referrals, and there are some websites that can walk you through the DIY process.


You deserve to feel proud to share your home with the community, and I look forward to telling it’s story!



Just a few examples of projects using voice over:

e-Learning / Digital Learning



Animation / Anime/ Video Games


Tourism Videos

Explainer Videos

Training Videos

Online / YouTube tutorials

IVR / Telephony / Voicemail

GPS Navigation

Promos & Trailers


Medical Narration

Technical Narration

Corporate Narration

Radio Dramas

Radio Broadcasting


Guided Meditation Exercises

Museum Tours


Real Estate Videos




Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay