OK, this blog post is going to intrigue some of you and really resonate with others.  Today, the 25th of May, is Geek Pride Day.  Didn’t know such a day existed?  Well, if you are geeky in any way, this is your chance to embrace it and celebrate with your fellow geeks all over the world!


A quick history of Geek Pride Day: Spanish blogger, Germán Martinez, is credited with the idea back in 2006.  He wanted to have a day to celebrate geekiness and chose the 25th of May to coincide with the release date of a little 1977 film called Star Wars.  Back in the day, the term “geek” was a derogatory word.  It used to describe “non-mainstream” people (honestly, that covers quite a wide range of people, doesn’t it?). Today, however, the term is widely embraced with pride.  It now refers to people who are overwhelmingly passionate or enthusiastic about particular hobbies, pursuits, or complicated subjects, and don’t care if other people think it’s strange.  Topics include, but aren’t limited to, science fiction, fantasy literature, video games, board games, comic books, cartoons, sports, fashion, music, technology, cooking, wine and beer, art, and the list goes on and on and on.  Odds are, almost everyone is a geek about something.


Well, I definitely am a self-professed geek.  I’m a Star Wars and Indiana Jones fanatic, a Disney geek, I love fantasy stories like The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.  I’m a theatre geek, a huge Lego fan, an accents & dialects geek… I could go on.


I think it’s healthy to be passionate about a subject and not be constrained by what “society” says you should or shouldn’t like.  Passion about things can fuel you and give you joy in your day to day life.  Some of my greatest friendships have formed over geeky passions.  That passion can be contagious, too.


What are some things you geek out about?  I’d love for you to share in the comments below.  Seriously, please share.  Maybe we have similar passions!  If you happen to be a Star Wars geek or love cartoons or video games or talking in different accents, check out my demos on my website.  I’ve got a fun Star Wars Languages video demo I made – complete with Huttese, Ewokese, Jawaese, Bocce, and Mando’a (the language of the Mandalorians) – as well as some fun characters and accents and dialects.  And if you’re a wino (a wine geek), there’s a wine demo for you to enjoy as well. 


So Happy Geek Pride Day everyone, and remember, embrace your geekiness!


As a side note, since Memorial Day happens to fall on the 25th of May this year, I want to acknowledge this incredibly important day.  Please remember to honor the memory of those brave military servicepeople who have given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, for us and the country they loved.  While most of us won’t be celebrating Memorial Day weekend like we usually do because of the coronavirus pandemic, we can still celebrate the reason we have this holiday.  You can add this to my list of passions: I am passionate about our country and the heroes, past and present, who sacrifice so much to protect it.
Happy Memorial Day, and God Bless America.



Just a few examples of projects using voice over:

e-Learning / Digital Learning



Animation / Anime / Video Games


Tourism Videos

Explainer Videos

Training Videos

Online / YouTube tutorials

IVR / Telephony / Voicemail

GPS Navigation

Promos & Trailers


Medical Narration

Technical Narration

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Radio Dramas

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Guided Meditation Exercises

Museum Tours


Real Estate Videos



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