Next week is the start of March Madness – selection is Sunday for men’s and Monday for women’s.  For all you non-basketball fans, this is the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s huge basketball tournament.  It starts mid-March and ends the beginning of April.  Oftentimes, it’s more exciting than the pro-games.  Get ready to fill out your brackets!


Basketball is one of my favorite sports.  I played it in junior high and high school before I committed all of my time to theatre.  I love watching games, too.  My parents are originally from Chicago, so our family grew up watching the Chicago Bulls.  This was during the Golden Era of the Bulls’ Dream Team and the reign of one of the greatest players of all time: Michael Jordan.


Michael Jordan is known, not only for his talent, but for his incredible work ethic.  He fought hard for everything he got.  The catchy Gatorade commercial, “Be Like Mike”, illustrates the inspiration he was for so many people.  Check out the original commercial here.


The quote shown above is so inspiring to me, and I believe it can be applied to any of our lives.  We don’t have to be a professional athlete or a celebrity.  We need to work hard, every day, to succeed.  Failures will come, and though we often don’t like to focus on them, preferring to move past them and forget them as quickly as possible, we miss out on the value of learning from them and becoming better because of them.  When I was teaching, I told my students, and their parents, that we learn more from our failures than our successes.  They aren’t something to be ashamed of.  Use those opportunities to build up successes.


I am grateful for the times I have failed in my acting career.  It has made me stronger and even more determined to succeed.  I build on each layer of failure to create a strong foundation for my successes.


Is there something that you are afraid of doing because you might fail?  What would you try if you knew you couldn’t fail?  Would anything hold you back?  I challenge you to choose something you could (or should) do for your business that would boost you to that next level or energize you to keep forging ahead and then go out and do it.  Elevate your business above the fear.  Get your story out there so people know who you are and what you do.  Take risks, and if you fail, no worries.  You get up and try again.  And again.  The reward will be worth it, and you may just be an inspiration to someone else.


Have you been thinking about creating a new commercial for your product or service?


Do you want to launch a series of explainer videos to help customers or clients learn about what you offer?


Have you finished writing your book but haven’t taken the leap to get it published or recorded as an audiobook to reach an even larger audience?


Do you have a hobby in which you’ve created a product that you want to share with the world but are afraid to “put it out there” and let the world experience what you’ve made?


Or perhaps you’re afraid that all your hard work in creating your product or service won’t pay off because you won’t reach enough people?


Let me help you share your story with the world.  Let me give a voice to your creation, your labor of love, so you can experience success and help others who will benefit from your work.
I would be honored to tell your story and help you achieve success.


I’d love to hear from you about people who have inspired you to never give up, despite failure and the long road to success.



By the way, if that “Be Like Mike” song is stuck in your head now, you’re welcome. : )



Just a few examples of projects using voice over:




Animation/Anime/Video Games


Tourism Videos

Explainer Videos

Training Videos

Online/YouTube tutorials


GPS Navigation

Promos & Trailers


Medical Narration

Technical Narration

Corporate Narration

Radio Dramas

Radio Broadcasting


Guided Meditation Exercises

Museum Tours