Roses are red, Violets are blue…


When you hear, “February 14th”, what immediately comes to mind?  Valentine’s Day.  Chocolates.  Roses.  Hallmark cards, right?  February is the Month of Love.  When you have a special someone in your life, this is a romantic (or, if you forgot about it, perhaps a stressful) time.


But what comes to mind when you hear, “February 13th”?  Before today, I would have come up empty.  I just learned, however, that 2/13 is the International Day of Self-Love.  Had no idea.  But I’m not surprised.  So many people don’t have that special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, so why not proclaim a day that is all-inclusive?


I’ll leave you to figure out the best way to show yourself self-love, but why stop at loving ourselves and special someones?  Why not figure out how to show love to something I bet you spend a huge amount of your time on – your business, career, or hobby?


When we love someone – family member, friend, romantic partner – many of us devote our time and energy toward them, and we find special ways to show them our love.  You might search for the perfect card that says what you’re feeling, or you might give them a unique gift based on their likes or interests.  You take the time to listen and learn what will truly mean something to them.


You should do the same for your business, career, or hobby!  I’m sure you want to find ways to make your company or product stand out, to ensure your career has longevity, or to set your hobby up for a future as a new career or business.


*You need to find ways to jazz up your marketing – perhaps with new commercials or promo videos.
*Show off your products and services in an impressive way with new explainer videos and whiteboard presentations.
*Show love to your employees by supporting them with HR training and new hire videos.
*Show your clients and customers you love them by making it fun (or, at least, less aggravating or stressful) when they call for support with a professional yet “real person” touch to your IVR / phone system prompts.
*Show your students love by making difficult or dry instructional material interesting and engaging with e-Learning.
*Show love to your Youtube channel subscribers who like your content but would love to hear it presented in a professional and engaging way.
*Finally, show love to all of the characters inside you who are ready to burst to life for animation, video games, and audiobooks.

I would love to use my love to help your love. ❤️  It’s my love and passion to help people find the perfect voice for their story because that helps them share their love and passion with others.


I love to make my clients pleased with professional recordings, light-speed turnaround, and stress-free service.  I love to work with them to bring their story to life and give it a unique voice.


Love yourself, love others, and love your business, career, and hobby.  Love your passion.


Please share the love with others who need a voice for their story, too.  I look forward to working with you, and them, on your next projects!



Sarah ❤️






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Special thanks for the Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash